The science/astronomy day was a great experience to gain more knowledge on the planets, stars and solar system. We all had an amazing day and met some amazing people like Dr Helen Sharman, who was the first British astronaut!!! The activities were spectacular, some examples are: Planetarium, science art, solar scope and seeing a comet being created (mini 51p). The trip was very good and we both did very much for every question on our survey.

Super solar scope

The solar scope is a giant telescope which you can see the sun without hurting your eyes and you can see it in different colours.

The solar scope is great and scientists can see the little or big sun spots which occur when sun is really hot.        

Super Space Art

On Tuesday 26th, a group of children from our school went to Space link. After a long drive, we finally got there.

The highlight of our day was the SUPER SPACE ART .In this session, we made a card based on a template and decorated it with space related ideas. Some of the ideas included:

Pictures of Helen Sharman (the first British astronaut in space), Planets (such as Saturn)

and stars like the sun .

We all really enjoyed ourselves!!!

Dr Helen Sharman

Dr Helen Sharman ,who is the first British astronaut to go into space, came to a Spacelink event to tell us about what it was like in space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I (EW) thought that it was very informative and interesting.

I ( BW ) thought that the day was a really fun and educational experience .And I would want to go again another day.

Super Science Trip

On Tuesday the 26th, some Year 5s went on an exciting trip to a Spacelink event. When we arrived, we were greeted by a gentleman before we went into the hall for a talk about the sun and how dangerous it is to look at it. After that, we went into a dome called a planetarium. It was EPIC!!


Last week year 5 had a 5 day  school trip to the Isle of Wight. First, we had to drive to Portsmouth ,which took  1 hour  and a half hours . When we got at Portsmouth we went to a museum opposite HMS Victory. In the museum we saw things  which were on the ship when the battles were happening. After we looked in the museum, we went on a ferry on our way to the ISLE OF WIGHT were we stayed at  . We slept in cabins joint together.

#Amazing Isle of Wight

On Monday the 14th of May 2018 the year 5s went to the Isle of White. We went to a place called PGL Little Canada. PGL stands for Peter Gordon Laurence (the man who started PGL) or Parents Get Lost. On the way to the ferry, we visited Portsmouth dockyard  where the  HMS Victory is. HMS stands for His or Her Majesties Ship.  Once we arrived, we went in the museum. After that, we got on the coach, crossed the ferry, then drove to PGL. Once we got to our cabins (mine was number 3), we unpacked and then got show around. That night I went to sleep happy. The next day, we had breakfast, then went to our first activity. We had to go on a river investigation. Once we got back, we had dinner and went to bed. Next day we had breakfast then went to our activity. It was trapeze. We had to clime up a pole and grab a bar at the top. After trapeze, we had the climbing wall. Then in the afternoon we did dragon long boating and our team one all our races #FUN! Then we had dinner and went to sleep. We did lots of fun activates but my personal fave was the giant swing #SO FUN. You got into a harness and the got strapped to a bar. The your friends pull a rope that lifts you up. once at the top, you reach behind you and pull a rope and then you fall!!!!!!!!!! I screamed sooooo loud! We did more activates but then (very sadly!), we had to go home.

I was happy to be back home but I will never forget this amazing holiday!!

This was us putting our harnesses on!

This was the giant swing

This was the HMS Victory

Zip Wire

On the day  we left the Isle of  Wight we went on the giant zip wire.It was huge!

We first had to get in our harnesses to make sure we were safe before getting on. when we were in  our harnesses one by one went on the zip wire.We were given numbers and went in the order we were given.The fun thing was you could do what ever you wanted to do when you were coming down-lots of people flossed on the way.The harnesses gave you a wedgie it was very uncomfortable and painful.We each got to get two goes on it- the second time everyone did some interesting poses.


Incredible Isle Of Wight!

Last week, our class went to the Isle Of Wight and stayed in the amazing: P.G.L Little Canada.

Every day, we had  extraordinary activities for the morning and afternoon [which were very scary.] P.G.L gave us amazing, delicious food and we shared cabins for the night. Out of all the activities, my top three favourite were the Giant Swing, the Trapeze and the Abseiling. However, all of them were outstanding and I think everyone had a great time.